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Japanese Company Employs Robots to Build Huge Dam

Obayashi Corp. is testing out the new system to make up for labor shortage and an aging workforce.August 06, 2020Imagine a world built by robots. That may well be the future that awaits the construction industry, and a Japanese contractor is testing out that method.Obayashi Corporation is employing the use of robots to assist in building a concrete dam in Mie Prefecture in Japan.
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3D Technologies

3D Simo: The One 3D Printing Tool to Rule Them All

Wouldn& 39;t it be great if you could simply draw and 3D print something right in front of you? Well, that& 39;s exactly what 3D Simo& 39;s range of pens is designed to do.If you want to be able to create 3D sculptures out of thin air without the need for a bulky 3D printer then you might want to consider treating yourself to a 3D Simo pen.
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How do you stop a 1000mph car?

June 17, 2014The Bristol, England, based Blodhound SSC project is looking to break the land speed world record by a further 240 mph and breach the 1000mph barrier. The project is the effort of years of hard work of a team of formula 1 and aerospace experts, with ex-RAF pilot Andy Green ready to get behind the wheel.
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Minecraft Players Build the Largest City Ever, It Is Incredibly Realistic

You can stroll corona-free on this huge map that& 39;s still being updated since 2011.May 15, 2020Minecraft players are an ambitious bunch, and they never cease to amaze us with their realistic creations on a game that is basically made of blocks and sharp edges. Minecraft has probably surpassed what the creators of it thought it would ever be, and it is certainly thrilling to see different teams& 39; different takes on the game.
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Cicret brings James Bond style touchscreen to your arm

December 19, 2014Wearable devices are the in thing at the moment and the latest kid on the block looking to steal some of the limelight is the Cicret. It puts a touch screen onto the arm of the wearer that would not look out of place in a James Bond movie. Image Source: Cicret The idea for Cicret came up 12 months ago and over the course of the last 6 months the bracelet has been designed.
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