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Hotel Kakslauttanen offers one of the best views of the Aurora Borealis (known as polar lights). It is located in the Finnish part of Lapland, near Finland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park. It is far away from big cities, far away from their smog and pollution, so you can see millions of stars from the roof of your glass igloo. This along with the view of Aurora Borealis...

[Image Source: Hotel Kakslauttanen]

Each glass igloo is made generally of thermal glass walls and ceilings, that insulate the interior to keep it safe from the northern cold. The glass also contains a frost preventative, maintaining crystal clear panoramic views even when temperatures outside drop to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Designed for two people, the igloos are small enough to be efficiently heated without consuming too much energy.

[Image Source: Hotel Kakslauttanen]

Aurora Borealis is a result from the impact between charged particles released from the sun and the Earth's atmosphere particles. The resulting burst of colored light can last from less than a second to nearly two minutes. The phenomenon has clearest view during the winter months at night. However, the lights are visible from August to April.

[Image Source: Hotel Kakslauttanen]

The main hotel also includes the world’s largest smoke sauna, restaurant, an ice bar and snow chapel that is re-built every winter. For the more adventurous, the hotel also offers lodging in a dozen of traditional igloos made of ice. These ice houses have an internal temperature of only 21 degrees fahrenheit, so you better pack warm!

[Image Source: Hotel Kakslauttanen]

[Image Source: Hotel Kakslauttanen]

Watch the video: OFFICIAL - Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in wintertime (July 2022).


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