A Chinese Old Man Repairs Old Photos for Free!

A Chinese Old Man Repairs Old Photos for Free!

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When the photography became more popular and affordable, people saw it as a way to keep their memories alive at some level. And as we all know, paper photographs are aging and they get yellow, water may completely destroy them or their surface could be damaged in different and unpredictable circumstances. Modern generations probably would not face this problem due to the usage of digital cameras and technologies, but what the older people with old-school paper photos should do in such cases? Such images could be scanned and processed digitally on specialized software, Photoshop in most of cases. This thing requires a lot of the time of a skillful Photoshop master, which is quite expensive.

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Baojun Yuan is a member of China Senior Photographers Association who makes the task affordable for everybody by fixing and repairing old photos for free. The 76-years-old man fixed over 2000 images for the last 16 years which brought fame and respect to him in China. It is impressive that he started learning the software at the age of 60, an age when the average man is thinking mainly about his retirement. On the question “Why don’t you take some money as a reward for your services?” he answers: “My teacher just taught me how to repair the photo, but he forgot to tell me how to charge.”

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Watch the video: Repair Damaged Photo. Remove Dust and Scratches. Photo Restoration Work in Photoshop cc #Maxpoint (July 2022).


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