Sustainable Alternative Lighting With Galvanic Cells

Sustainable Alternative Lighting With Galvanic Cells

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SALt or Sustainable Alternative Lighting is a start up that has recently gained attention for their innovation in lighting.

[Image Source:SALT]

The goal of the company is to offer a cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly lighting solution as an alternative to kerosene or battery powered lamps.

[Image Source:SALT]

The SAlt lamps use galvanic cells which consist of two electrodes, an electrolyte solution as well as salt and water which are the consumables. These are meant to be replaced every 6 months with running the system for 8 hours a day along with proper care and maintenance. Other notable features include its ability to run on salt water and it's USB port which gives it the ability to charge a variety of devices.

Watch the video: Pt. 2 of 4 Symposium on Microgrids: Renewable Energy Microgrids for Sustainable Development (July 2022).


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