UV Lights From Massive Pot Farm Turns the Sky Purple in Arizona

UV Lights From Massive Pot Farm Turns the Sky Purple in Arizona

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Residents of Snowflake, Arizona were greeted with a purple haze in the sky early one morning last week and have Copperstate Farms, the medical marijuana wholesaler to thank.

Cara Smith, a resident of the Arizona town took the picture at 6:30 a.m. Friday (10 January) as she headed for her job at Copperstate Farms, which is the state's biggest producer of medical marijuana.


The shot was taken about two miles away from the farm which was posted on Facebook.

Snow, clouds, UV lights = Purple Haze

While the light from the ultraviolet lamps Copperstate Farms uses to help the plants grow can be seen in the distance, they have never lit up the sky before. That treat in which the sky appeared a dark purple, was because it had recently snowed and it was cloudy. The ultraviolet light reflected off the snow and lit up the clouds.

“The purple lights are always there but don’t usually light up the sky like this,” Smith told CNN. “It had snowed that morning and was still very foggy and cloudy.”

According to media reports Copperstate Farms houses greenhouses on 40 acres that rely on red and blue lights during the night hours to aid in the growth of the plants. The combination makes the light look purple from far away.

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