Swiss Company Designs Adorable Two-Seater Microlino Electric Car

Swiss Company Designs Adorable Two-Seater Microlino Electric Car

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More and more companies are creating urban electric mini-cars that zoom and zip around city streets easily and swiftly. One such company is Micro Mobility Systems, a Swiss company that has created the adorable Microlino.

It's all-electric, and the price starts at $13,000.


Chargeable via a regular power outlet

Swiss company Micro designed and created the tiny electric vehicle Microlino, and we're grateful for it. Micro states that it isn't a car, but the "ideal mix" between a motorbike and a car. The company also added that producing Microlino required 60% less energy compared to producing an average electric car.

It's the cutest, and a very efficient, way of getting around a city. The two-seater is ready to hit the European market in 2021 and is waiting on its design approval for the U.S. market.

The size of the Microlino is impressively compact as it's only 2.4 meters (or just under eight feet), long. This makes it an ideal candidate for parking in cities where parking spaces are sparse.

You won't be zooming around at high-speed, though, as the maximum speed it can reach is 88.5 kph (55 mph), but if you're just using it around a city you wouldn't want to be going much more quickly than that anyways.

In terms of chargeability the Microlino only needs four hours to fully charge, and it can do so from any regular household outlet. Even better, it can charge in just one hour if charged from a Type 1 electric vehicle charger.

With its base battery, it has a range of 124 km (77 miles), and if you opt for an upgraded battery it can go up to 199.5 km (124 miles).

Its design is funky as well as it has only one door to speak of, but what makes it truly unique is that the door opens from the front of the "car". Even though there's only seating for two people on the front bench-like seat, the company says that the vehicle fits everything your need: "Space for two adults and three beer crates." We won't argue with that.

The Microlino will start shipping in Europe within Switzerland and to Germany in 2021 and is waiting on approvals for further countries. For $13,000, it's an affordable and fun ride.

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