Moscow-Based Garage Unveils Steampunk Inspired Custom-Made BMW R9T

Moscow-Based Garage Unveils Steampunk Inspired Custom-Made BMW R9T

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Hopefully, a zombie apocalypse won’t happen any time soon; but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about the sweet-steampunk racer you’ll be riding if it ever happens.

Moscow-based Zillers Garage has unveiled a steampunk, custom-made BMW R9T motorcycle in co-operation with John Reed Design. BMW R9T is a customizer's dream since it is one of the most popular “standard” motorcycles of our era. It is the ultimate retro-style roadster and considered by many as a blank canvas to customize.

In order to customize the bike to their liking, the collaborators took BMW’s roadster and redesigned the outer body without changing the internal build. With its current look, it has become a racer that is fit for the set of Mad Max, and that’s saying something.


Zillers Garage’s Mikhail Smolyanov collaborated with John Reed Design to help design the bike. It looks like it could be Cybertruck’s dashing cousin who everybody thinks is the handsome one.

The bike has a masterfully sculpted aluminum shell, custom spoked wheels, and light-up BMW badges.

The look was achieved by having a shell made entirely from fabricated aluminum parts that hide all the mechanical components.

The first step was to make a CAD drawing, and the sketch was done by John Reed Design. Afterwards, Smolyanov changed the suspension setup to lower ground clearance to change the bike's stance.

Then, Smolyanov modified the controls with the front brake and clutch levers to boost remote-controlled buttons. This helps adjust the air suspension.

It is just amazing that all the details are handmade, right down to the exhaust system.

The bike was fitted with Brembo brakes and custom multi-spoke wheels to have a cohesive look.

Moreover, they’ve included a USB socket in the storage space under the seat, which you can use to charge your phone.

Overall, it looks like a dream.

Interested in knowing more? You can watch the magic happen from here.

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