New Zealand's 102-Day COVID-Free Run Ends on the Brink of Elections

New Zealand's 102-Day COVID-Free Run Ends on the Brink of Elections

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As you might have heard, South Pacific country New Zealand had been enjoying a COVID-19 free run for over three months. Even so that the country decided to lift its social distancing practices and reverted back to a complete normal.


Well, after exactly 102 days, the authorities have reported new community transmission cases. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and The Director-General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield went on a meeting with media to announce the return of certain precautions and urge people to be cautious.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that Auckland, where the new cases showed up, will once more go into lockdown. The rest of the country will go back to level 2.

Four new cases, originating from inside the community (remember that NZ mandates that overseas travelers be subject to a 14-day-quarantine before joining the rest of the community) have been confirmed. Starting from noon tomorrow, the city of Auckland will move to level 3 for three days until midnight, Friday.

In a level 3 state, every worker except essential service workers have to work from home.

Schools will also close provided there are no students whose parents are essential workers. Lockdown will affect bars, restaurants, businesses, and public facilities.

As part of the level 2 restrictions, public gatherings with over 100 people will not be permitted in the rest of the country.

The new four cases are isolated into a single-family, but the source is unknown. We know that there was no interaction with anyone coming from overseas, New Zealand Herald reports.

Additionally, New Zealand will hold an election and two optional referendums about the legalization of cannabis and euthanasia on September 19.

Watch the video: Jacinda Ardern postpones New Zealand election due to coronavirus (September 2022).