Software Engineer Builds Tiny iMac by Partly Destroying Raspberry Pi

Software Engineer Builds Tiny iMac by Partly Destroying Raspberry Pi

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Computers have come a long way from being the size of a living room to paper-thin laptops, they have shrunk as the technology progressed.

However, they've never been this tiny for sure: Alabama software engineer Michael Pick has taken to his YouTube channel The Casual Engineer to show off his tiny iMac, and when we say tiny, we mean it.


Some would go as far as saying it is the "World's Smallest iMac", and they probably wouldn't be wrong. Long story short, the software engineer sort of destroyed his Raspberry Pi to fit inside a miniaturized 3D-printed iMac case, and the best part of the process is the fact that he has gotten the classic Apple look replicated perfectly down to the size of an energy drink can.

In an email interview with Vice, Pick said, "I've built a lot of computers over the years and thought it would be fun to see how close I could make a Pi resemble a full-size computer."

On the road to do just that, he built the iMac lookalike, completely based on a Raspberry Pi 4.

The miniaturization wasn't so easy though. Since the Raspberry Pi was a bit too thick to fit inside the 3D-printed shell of the iMac, he had to make it slimmer by removing the USB ports and the Ethernet port.

Moreover, the cables posed a problem too since a tiny case meant that they had to turn and twist in numerous ways. In order to tackle that problem, he had to scrape down the plastic and braiding on his cables. RJ-45 connector was also sacrificed by the software engineer too. By sacrificing the insides, he was able to get the perfect look on the outside.

He went all out indeed and completed the design by having the iconic Macintosh logo in front of the machine. After painting, priming, and assembling the mini iMac, he benchmarks it by playing Minecraft.

You can watch the entire build here:

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